Before an investigation can proceed, getting mutually acquainted is desired. You will get a first impression of our method of working, and for us this phase, called Walk-Through Phase, is important for being a good discussion partner.

During 2 till 3 days some of our employees will get a picture of your organization and the existing issues by interviews and observations. As a result of the 'Walk Through' , together with you, the focus points are determined which will be investigated during the next phase, the Analysis phase. This Walk-Through is free of charge.


During this phase SMCI will investigated the defined focus points. Depending on the complexity and the number of issues this phase will take three till six weeks. The method of this investigation exist of the following steps:

  • analysis of the direct productivity of your employees, efficiency of working methods and processes;
  • analysis of the environmental factors, typical for your enterprise;
  • analysis of causes and complexity of the existing shortcomings, problems and quantification of the consequences
  • analysis of the feasibility of efficiency improvements.

A synthesis of the collected information, combined with information gathered from interviews with your employees and field observations, is the basis for the set-up of a practical and realistic implementation plan. This project plan contains a program of activities to be executed in order to realize the intended quantified improvements, together with a financial justification of the realization of the proposed activities. This project plan contains not only the planned SMCI hours during the implementation phase but also indicates the required time of your employees.


The development of reference data, the execution of the action plans, the development and usage of operational tools will be done in close cooperation with the involved employees of the principal. During this phase the SMCI-team together with your employees will work full-time to realize the goals as defined at the start of the implementation project. The progress and results will be reported to the principal monthly. The results of the project have to be measurable and visible. Only then when the project goals are realized our job is completed. The prompt involvement of employees in the project is essential to guarantee that the results will be tangible, measurable and consistent.

During the analysis phase the awareness of coming changes and the underlying reasons is already started (sense of urgency). During the implementation employees will be directly involved in the project and will be trained. Results will be quickly visible and continuity will be ensured. Moreover the implicit knowledge of the employees will be mobilized. The realization of the implementation project should be a combined effort.


Approximately after six months after finishing the implementation project, SMCI will execute an audit (together with members of the project team) in order to control the project results and eventually define hot spots. This audit will be finalized with an action plan.

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