SMCI implements efficiency improvements through projects, interim management and training & coaching. In order to start change SMCI always starts with an analysis of the existing situation, which results in a realistic advice. These recommendations should not disappear in a drawer of a desk, but should be implemented. In this process of implementation SMCI will be of added value.

SMCI always takes knowledge management into account when new work-processes are established. Hereby the distinction is made between explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is accessible for everybody for instance knowledge from books, newspapers, magazines. Tacit knowledge is in the head of your employees and not accessible for everybody. Tacit knowledge is determined by experience, skills and attitude and is personal. No matter if it concerns a production organization , a maintenance organization or organizations in the service industry, the tacit knowledge should be made explicit and accessible for everybody in the organization. It is the basis to work on continuous improvements. SMCI ensures the sustainability of the changes by implementing these changes together with your employees.