SMCI improves the efficiency of primary manufacturing and maintenance processes


SMCI is active in the process industry, assembly, mass and small series manufacturing and project-based manufacturing


SMCI realizes improvements by Projects, Interim Management and Training & Coaching

Implementation of efficiency


SMCI implements productivity improvements through: projects, interim management, Training & Coaching.

If one or more topics,  as for example from the list below, need special attention  in your organization please contact SMCI for a discussion, without any obligation:

• Line efficiency, Overall Equipment Effectiveness/OEE, efficiency
• Activity analysis, working methods, Workfactor, MTM
• Man-/machine occupation, support functions, organisation
• Lay-out, machine set-up, material flows
• Material consumption, filling weights, rejects, rework
• Planning, scheduling, purchasing
• Registration, available information, work instructions
• Direct productivity, waste, drain
• Change over times, Single Minute Exchange of Die/SMED, Quick Set Up/QSU
• Delivery time, throughput time, flexibility, stock, work in progress
• Effectiveness of maintenance/technical service, response speed on breakdowns
• “Hands on” time of mechanics, work preparation
• Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean, TPM, continuous improvement