Gedreven en zelfstandige medewerkers
Gedreven en zelfstandige medewerkers

The start up of SMCI.
Science Management Corporation International is founded in 1934 by Joseph h. Quick, the founder of ‘Workfactor’. Workfactor is a system for method and time study studies.

This involves the activities, workers perform to make a product. The focus is on assembly processes and operating machines.

Mid last century SMCI made the crossing to Europe. In 1958, the first European representation of SMCI in Paris started. This was followed by subsidiaries in Germany, England, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and Russia.

The Netherlands
In 1983 SMCI carried out the first project in Netherlands. In the following years the clientele of SMCI extended rapidly in The Netherlands. Reason for SMCI to setup a Dutch company in 1992. Since then a numerous large and medium-sized national and international companies called on the knowledge and experience of the senior consultants of SMCI Netherlands. View an overview of our clients.

What makes SMCI successful?
Typical of SMCI is an entirely own approach:

context dependent, use of existing knowledge and experience of your employees, no paper advice, presence on the shop floor and in the boardroom, experienced consultants.

We are not satisfied until we have achieved lasting improvement.  Each project of SMCI is aimed at ultimately allowing the employees of an organization to optimise their business processes themselves, hereby  achieve a lasting increase in return.