Organisation Advice and Implementation

SMCI helps you to improve the efficiency in your organization. Our change projects aim at a more efficient deployment of people and resources. Because of this, you can achieve better results.

SMCI opts for a pragmatic hands-on approach. Work smarter not harder, work smarter gives the best results. We do not use costly and complex consultancy models but choose for tailor-made and smart improvements. No company is exactly the same. Companies have their own context. An oil refinery in Rotterdam is struggling with other issues than in Saudi Arabia.

SMCI finds a project only successful if better results have been achieved as well as management and employees are satisfied with the new working processes. Only in this way the results will be sustainable.

Knowledge sharing
In every organization there is a treasure of knowledge available, like experience and skills. SMCI activates that knowledge by involving the employees in an intensive advisory process. Hereby people will take responsibility for their work process and use their knowledge and skill. Result is: more efficiency and motivated employees.

An advisory process is only successful if the proposed changes are realized. SMCI implements the new work processes together with the employees at their own workplace. This may include an interim manager or Training & Coaching.

A change process exists at SMCI four steps:

1 Introduction/Walk Through
2 Analysis
3 Implementation
4 Audit

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