Who we are

Productiekosten, Toegevoegde Waarde
Productiekosten, Toegevoegde Waarde

SMCI stands for Science Management Corporation International. SMCI is more than thirty-five years active in The Netherlands. During this period, the company carried out numerous change processes in manufacturing, services and public companies.

Purpose of SMCI is to improve business and increasing the efficiency in an organization, in order to improve the yield. Clever improvements, sharing  knowledge and motivated employees are our starting point. We do not work with blueprint solutions. Each company has its own characteristics and context, which we use as a starting point for the project. The knowledge and experience of your employees is regarded  as important input.

This is the only way to organize improvement that is sustainable

Our approach means that we place high demands on SMCI-employees.  Our team consists of experienced people with practical know-how. Our consultants are all able to function both at management level and on the shop floor. They have besides an academic education, experience in production, industrial services and the public sector.